From Grill to Glory

Fueled by our Texas-sized hospitality, we dish out the finest BBQ, deliver grade-A customer service, and keep things clean as a whistle in a friendly, family-style setting for the folks in our communities. It’s not just a restaurant, it’s a tight-knit second home for our team, where excellence and warmth intersect, carving out a lasting memory on life’s trail.

Our Dream

A family owned and operated business founded by brothers Britt and Darren Dixon, Big Horn BBQ began by reshaping the restaurant experience into an all-encompassing one-stop-shop destination with a warm and friendly atmosphere, making us not just a BBQ pitstop but a destination for sit-down dinners that make you feel like you’re right at home. We’ve also made it a breeze to bring our home cookin’ to your own dinner table by way of our convenient BBQ drive thru.

Country Market

Our country market seamlessly extends our commitment to top-notch customer experiences, emphasizing spotless spaces, local charm, and a hometown feel. We serve up the same high-quality, freshly prepared delights found in our restaurant—think biscuits, tacos, and our signature kolache—a taste of authentic flavor, ensuring each bite reflects local pride.

Fueling Stations

Our fueling station captures the essence of Southern hospitality, providing more than just fuel—it’s a stop reflecting clean restrooms, local charm, and premium fuel. Like our restaurant and country market, it’s a continuation of our commitment to authentic flavor and exceptional service, ensuring a true taste of the Lone Star spirit.